4 Bookish Resolutions for the New Year

We’re just about at the New Year, and I thought that I’d do a post about a few things I want to do–related to books–beginning in 2022. They’re things that I’ve seen on other people’s blogs and wanted to try out, or just things that I think would make my own reading experience much more enjoyable.
Without further ado, let’s get into it!

1. Keep better track of my reads.

With the end of the year comes many many year in review book posts, full of beautiful little graphs and charts and other awesome looking graphics. If you read my last post, my five favorite books of 2021, you’ll already have heard this story, but I’ll tell it again. When I first saw these last year, as my first December in blogging approached, I thought they looked so cool and organized and really wanted to do it myself. I made a spread sheet, I put the different categories in, I was all ready to go.

I got exactly four books into that spreadsheet before I gave up.

I’m just not good at keeping up with these things, and that’s definitely something that I’d like to improve in 2022. I’ve thought about it, and while I don’t think that a spreadsheet will be the best way for me to keep track of (given the aforementioned), I think I want to try using a google forms. I’d create a google forms for myself, and then when I finished a book, I’d enter it into the form, which would keep all my data right there and I think would be easier for me to continue with. We’ll see if this approach works, and I guess you all will know by the time the end of 2022 rolls around. Given how fast time has been going by, that really shouldn’t be too far away.

2. Only write reviews when you want to

I feel like when you have a book blog, and when you have goodreads, and basically just when you read a lot and are active in the book community, you feel semi pressured to write reviews. After I finish a book, and I jump on goodreads to mark it as read and rate it, I feel like I need to give more than just a rating, I need to tell people what I actually thought of it. But honestly, writing reviews can be exhausting at times for me. If I’ve read a book and rated it 3 or 4 stars, like I thought it was meh or I enjoyed it but didn’t think it was utterly, totally mind blowing, I don’t want to sit there and review it. Sure, I enjoyed things about it. Or maybe there were some things that I didn’t enjoy. But I just don’t have strong enough opinions about every single book to want to write two or three paragraphs about all of them.

And so one of my resolutions is just that…I shouldn’t. I don’t want to spend time doing something that isn’t enjoyable to me and, honestly, is affecting how I like books, too. When I finish a book, I don’t want to dread having to go over to goodreads just to see that book sitting on my ‘currently reading’ shelf, waiting for me to review it. I’ll review the books I want, and if I don’t want to, I’ll rate them, maybe leave a one sentence review, and other than that…what I thought about the book doesn’t have to be broadcast to the world, does it?

3. DNF more books

Seems like a bit of a weird resolution but honestly…I don’t DNF enough books. I always feel obligated to read through an entire book, I mean if I’ve started it, or if I’ve gotten halfway through, I should finish it!!! What’s the point in reading a book half read! And sometimes, I really do want to find out what happens, not because I’m interested in it but because I want to know if it might get any better. But really, why should I waste time reading books that I’m not enjoying? There’s so many other books out there that I WILL enjoy, and by taking the time to read one book (and slowly, usually, since I’m not going to be as eager to pick it up if I don’t enjoy it), I’m taking away from the time I have to read those other books that I might enjoy more.

4. Follow more blogs

This one’s less of a bookish resolution and more of a blog resolution, but since my blog is a book blog, I guess it fits. I’ve been wanting to do this basically forever, in fact so much that last month I wrote a post and introduced a page all about a way that I’m trying to follow more blogs. But it is in fact still something that I am working towards so I really hope that I’m able to hop out of my shell a little more and find some amazing new people in the bookish blog community in 2022!

What are some of your bookish resolutions for 2022? What did you think of mine? Do we have any in common?


23 thoughts on “4 Bookish Resolutions for the New Year

  1. wow yes I hereby also accept these resolutions as my own, because apparently even I don’t dnf books (0 dnfs this year!) that often, and life’s too short to be reading something I don’t like. and feeling pressured about reviewing, it happens with me too!!

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    1. Haha I don’t think I DNFed ANY this year, I mean none that I call a DNF (there are a few where I put down for a while and they’re just sitting on my ‘currently reading’ shelf but I plan to pick them back up….maybe I shouldn’t though?).
      Thanks for stopping by, I’m glad that you enjoyed!

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  2. The only way I track my reading is through goodreads, and I’m thinking about making a reading spreadsheet next year too! I don’t dnf enough books either, mostly because ‘dnf-ing’ wasn’t a thing in my life until after I joined the book community, lol. I don’t review every book I read either! If I have a lot to say about it, I do post a review on my blog, but otherwise, I just leave a very small paragraph on goodreads for my own reference. I’m adopting these resolutions too, 😂😂. I haven’t followed a new book blog in months.

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    1. Yeah, I use goodreads too, but even then I sometimes just don’t enter the book, or take waaay too long. I’m hoping that the google form that I made will help me keep track better! Yeah honestly same, like dnf-ing just wasn’t something that I used to do, then I joined the book community and it was suddenly this new thing! But I feel like it can definitely be useful. Yeah, that’s smart, I should really start posting more reviews on my blog when I really want to talk about it, and shift away from goodreads reviews because writing reviews for every book I read is totally exhausting. Haha I’m glad you like my resolutions!


  3. I totally get what you mean about dnfing more books! When I first started reading more I refused to dnf anything and it meant I read loads of books I didn’t like. Now I’ll dnf a book as soon as I’m not feeling it, imo its self care to not make yourself read things you don’t enjoy, especially when there are so many amazing books out there we can read instead!

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  4. oh, using a google form to track your reads is such a creative solution! i hope it works out well for you! and i’m also terrible at dnfing books, i know people say it’s so worth it but i just can’t make myself lol. reviewing when i want to has been really wonderful for me (though honestly i think i lack reviews more than i write them oops), so i hope it also brings you more happiness!

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    1. Haha thank you, I hope it does as well! Exactly, like if I start a book, I just want to finish it! And I also have to weigh in how much I hate it, like if I vaguely dislike it, do I dnf it? Or should I continue, because it might get better and I don’t dislike it a whole lot? Yeah, I think that reviewing only when I want to is going to be a really good goal for me and haha I don’t mind not reviewing more than I end up reviewing.


  5. Really thoughtful goals you have here, Phoenix!! I personally use Notion spreadsheets to track my reading and consistently update it out of habit, but I do get that its hard sometimes… google forms is such a great idea, very excited to hear how it goes! Also, I agree so much, there is this pressure to write a long review for every book we read as bookish influencers, and you’re so right, there’s no obligation to do so, I’m going to be taking that advice too haha. Wishing you all the best with these goals for the new year!! 😚

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    1. Thank you! Oh, I’ve heard of Notion at times but never looked into it much or really know what it’s like. Is Notion just for books, or is it like a general life-organizing sort of thing? Yeah, writing reviews can be kind of exhausting, so I really hope that that goal helps me! Thank you so much!

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  6. I use Trello to track the books I read in the year, that way I can make different categories (like DNF and finished and reviewed) and just drag the book into each category. Then, you can make notes along the way if you want to review as well. And I’m totally with you on the reviews – they can be exhausting!

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    1. Oh I’ve never even heard of Trello but that’s interesting! I feel like I’m always kinda terrified to move away from using good reads because ALL my books are there and I don’t want to move them all over to somewhere else, but goodreads can definitely be…not the best. But thanks for letting me know about this, I may have to check it out!

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  7. Happy New Year hun!! I love these resolutions!! I completely agree on the writing reviews and dnf’ing. I feel lile we but so much pressure on ourselves and it takes the joy out of enjoying books or writing reviews which I genuinely enjoy but feel pressured to. Best of luck on your reading goals 🥰💕

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    1. Thank you so much, happy new year to you too!!! Haha yeah Im slowly learning that I just CANT dnf books unless I am seriously bored by them…even if I hate a book I’m gonna keep reading it, and boredom is the only way out. I guess I just like to know what happens and such. Ah well. And yeah, putting pressure on yourself to review books or whatever always makes it so much worse. Thanks for stopping by!


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