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Do you have blogs you follow that you absolutely love?
Want to spread the word about these great blogs?
Welcome to my new page, Recommend a Blog!

We all love each others’ work, and I thought this would be a great way to let me know about a blog that you really enjoy that you’d like me to follow, so I can hear directly from other bloggers on which blogs I should start following!

To recommend a blog, please fill out the google form embedded below or, if that doesn’t work, use the link here. The form will be entirely anonymous, so I have no way of knowing who submitted what, unless you specifically tell me on the form. Despite this, I do ask that you not self promo your own blog; this is a space to let me know about OTHER people’s blogs, not try to gain more followers on your own. Obviously, this is entirely by the honor system, so I hope, and I believe, that I can trust you all!

I’ve also included a list of the blogs that I already follow, so that you don’t recommend a blog I already follow (of course it’s totally okay if you do, by accident!). This can also be a great way for YOU to find more blogs to follow!

Please note: while I will check out every single blog recommendation I get on here, there is no guarantee that I follow the blog. This is a chance for you to spread the love about a friend’s blog, but overall the choice of whether I actually follow is up to me!

Blogs I follow:

A Bolt Out of the Book
Another Bookworm
Ariela on the Go
Booked Till Midnight
Forever and Everly
Lilly’s Little Library
Living, Loving and Reading
Luminosity Library
Rania’s Rambling Reads
Starlit Shelves
Sunnyside Reviews
Susana Loves Books
The Bookish Mutant
The Character Study
The Doodlecrafter
the fictional journal
The Quiet Pond
Whispering Pages
Whispering Stories
Windows to Worlds

Here’s the form: