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Hey, everyone! It’s been a very long time since I actually did a tag, and I have so many stacked up in my drafts folder that I decided to do one FINALLY!

I was tagged for this tag by the lovely Madeline @The Bookish Mutant, way back in January (sorry it took so long to do it!) Her blog is absolutely amazing so please go check it out!

I’m pretty sure this is going to be an extremely hard tag to do, given that it’s basically general ‘favorites’ in the book world, but let’s see how it goes!

Also, I’ve come up with a new sign-off graphic, I’d love to hear your thoughts on that!

What are 1-3 of your favorite books of all time?

Oh, a bookworm’s least favorite question. But seriously, how in the world am I supposed to choose THREE??? That being said, I can’t even remember the plot of the last book I read, how am I supposed to remember what plot of all the books is my favorite?

After a great amount of indecision, I’ve decided to go with Felix Ever After (Kacen Callender), Loveless (Alice Oseman) and I’ll Give You the Sun (Jandy Nelson). But honestly, don’t trust me on this. Felix Ever After and Loveless are probably correct, but I really don’t know what I’d say for the third book. I guess I’ll Give You The Sun will go in here for now.

What are 1-3 of your favorite authors of all time?

Also EXTREMELY hard. My first two are almost certainly Leigh Bardugo and Alice Oseman, but I really can’t think of a third author, so I’ll just leave it at those two

Who is your favorite female character of all time?

This is officially the hardest tag I’ve ever done. I think I’m going with Fie from The Merciful Crow for this one because even though it’s been such a long time since I read this book, I remember loving it! I honestly don’t see a lot of hype for this book around, which is disappointing because I definitely enjoyed it a lot!

Who is your favorite male character in a book?

This one might be a little easier, but still. Very difficult. As to not overthink things, I’m just going to go with Jesper from Six of Crows because I feel like if I actually go look through my books, I’m going to end up with a lot more indecision. And Jesper is a very cool character.

What is your favorite mythical world?

Who am I kidding? Of COURSE it’s the Grishaverse, same as Madeline! Everything about the world that Leigh Bardugo has created is stunning and just so brilliantly done! Though, I think a close second in worlds would be the one from The Merciful Crow. (Read. The. Merciful. Crow.)

What book has your favorite cover?

I scrolled through all 612 books on my goodreads shelves (and wow am I glad that I’m fairly conservative in adding books to my tbr) and came up with nine contenders. In the end, I think I’m going to have to go with The Light at the Bottom of the World by London Shah. It’s not the prettiest cover, and it wasn’t my favorite book, but there’s something about that cover that I LOVE.

What is your favorite book-to-movie adaption?

I don’t watch many movies so I honestly don’t know what to say for this one. I feel like Moxie is gonna be pretty good, but I haven’t actually watched that yet, so I don’t wanna say that before I watch it. Other than that, though, I couldn’t tell you what this one might be.

If you could make any book into a movie, what would it be?

Aaah I’m always very iffy on book to movie adaptations because it seems like a lot of times things are going to get messed up! However, for this one I’m going to say Not My Problem by Ciara Smyth. Its plot has very distinct plot points, which I think is good for a book being turned into a movie because the movie gets those plot points. Also, it’s super funny and the characters are great.

What was your favorite childhood book?

I legitimately don’t know what this means. Like when you say ‘childhood,’ how far back do you mean? I read Percy Jackson in 3rd and 4th grade, so that might work? But before those…oh boy I did not know what a good book was.
When I was very young, I remember reading the ‘Rainbow Magic’ series and loving them, getting basically all of them, and…wow. If you don’t know what they are, basically they’re books about two girls who meet some fairies and then help them. Each book is centered around a different fairy, who the girls meet at the beginning of the book and then turn into fairies (they have some special dust that lets them turn into fairies or something?) in order to help solve a problem the fairy has. They’re extremely repetitive, and there are some very odd fairies (Fatima the Face-painting Fairy…Monica the Marshmellow Fairy…there’s just so many books that they had to get creative I guess!)

Fantasy or Sci-fi? (Or neither?)

These days, I honestly don’t read much of either, but I’d definitely go with fantasy. I used to read fantasy all the time, and I still definitely read it much more than sci fi, though I’ve headed towards reading realistic fiction more these days. Sci fi, I’ll occasionally delve into, but I just don’t enjoy those books as much as fantasy or realistic fiction.

Well, that’s it for this tag! It’s so nice to FINALLY be doing tags again since it’s been so long, and I’ve met so many new people since then! That being said, I tag:

Susana @Susana Loves Books
Maria @The Character Study
Jan @The Doodlecrafter
Ritz @Living, Loving, Reading
Saniya @Sunnyside Reviews

What are some of your favorite books and authors? What do you think about mine? Do you do tags often? I’d love to chat with you! (PS what do you think of my new sign-off graphic???)


23 thoughts on “The Bookish Blog Tag

  1. Loveless is an amazing choice, I loved the book too! And I recently read one other book by Alice Oseman, and I loved it- I think she’s making her way onto my favourite authors list too!

    Great post Phoenix!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yessss and I’m SO glad you enjoyed it, because it’s such an important book! Ooh, which one of Oseman’s books did you read? I’ve only read Loveless and Radio Silence (as well as Heartstopper) but her other books sound great as well!
      Of course, I’m glad you enjoyed!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ooooh, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! It was super good and also just a cool idea because like podcasting isn’t really something we read about in books very much! And the whole story was just crazy. Aaah tell me how you like Solitaire, I’m kinda scared to start reading it because it sounds super dark and like interesting but also I don’t know if that’s the kind of thing that I want to get into at the moment. Haha, Hearstopper is a good series, but I’m not one of those people who’s gonna yell at you to read it. There’s a bunch of people who are OBSESSED; I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t totally life changing or anything. Though, as you probably know, it’s about the main character in Solitaire’s brother Charlie, and Tori shows up several times. Also, Aled’s in it at some points (not much, but he’s one of Charlie’s friends).
        By the way, what’s the LGBTQ+ rep in Solitaire? I see it marked as such in goodreads, and some people say there’s LGBTQ+ rep in the book, but I can’t find any mention of what kind or anything!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I literally just finished Solitaire and I cannot process my thoughts. Alice Oseman does have that effect on me though.
        And Solitaire is kinda dark- the protagonist is a sad introvert, so it’s a given.
        And yes, almost everyone is obsessed! And I like Aled, a lot, honestly. And I liked Nick and Charlie from what I read in Solitaire, so I think I might like it too
        In Solitaire, there isn’t a lot of LGBTQ+ rep- it’s mainly just Nick and Charlie, but like, it was fine for me, since the book wasn’t about that, it was like entirely about something else. So, yeah, I would recommend it to you, it’s well, something. Something good, don’t worry.
        I hope you read and enjoy it too!

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      3. Aaah honestly yeah, Oseman really does have that affect haha their books are just soooo good.
        Yeah, I’ve been reading a lot of reviews, that’s kind of the consensus, so I don’t know if I’m up for that right now. But in Heartstopper, Tori is honestly one of my favorite characters (she’s not there a lot, but the scenes she is in, she’s awesome) so…I do want to read it…
        Ah, okay, I was just wondering. Yeah, that makes sense, I was honestly just curious because it mentions the rep in a bunch of reviews but doesn’t actually mention what it is. Alright, thanks for letting me know, I’m strongly considering it!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Looking forward to seeing what you think about it if you do read it!

        And like there is something more related to LGBTQ+ which if i say could be a spoiler, so maybe that’s the reason it’s mentioned in multiple reviews.

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  2. Yes, Not my Problem would definitely make the perfect move, wouldn’t it? And man, THE AMOUNT OF JOY seeing it would bring me 😍
    The cover for the light at the bottom of the world really is GORGEOUS! Great post Phoenix, loved reading your answers!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. IT REALLY WOULD. That question was so hard for me to answer because book to movie adaptions just aren’t usually my thing, but Not My Problem has such a point to point plot line that it would be an easier movie to make so that it follows the book directly, PLUS just the humor and the characters are GREAT. Aaah, I’m glad you agree, it really is! The color scheme is honestly what got me. Thank you so much, I’m so glad that you enjoyed!

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