5 Reasons I’m So Grateful for Blogging

I said that I’d write a post like this when I did my blogiversary post, but then the terror that one calls school started and I got nothing done blogging-wise. By now, I’ve been blogging for an entire year (and a little more) and I honestly can’t believe it. It feels like yesterday that I published my first post but it also feels like I’ve been doing this forever because blogging is such a big part of my life now.

This is a list of reasons that I am so grateful for this platform that I have figured out through my year of blogging

1. I’ve been able to read better books!

I was on Goodreads before I started blogging, and yeah, there’s a lot of books there (surprising everyone, I know). But while I did and still do love goodreads, starting a blog has helped me discover so many more and so many amazing books. I’m able to follow blogs of people who read the same kinds of books as I do, so find more books that are the kind of things that I read, and all in all, it’s easier to discover books through blogs than it is through goodreads!

2. I’ve met so many amazing people!

How could I possibly write this list without mentioning the people? You all, anyone who reads my blog, anyone who has a book blog, are amazing. Just being able to talk books with someone in the comments, freaking out about the same book (there are people who have read the same books as I have, here!!!). To see people leaving comments on my blog after I write posts, just to chat about what I’ve written, it’s nice. I’m gonna be honest, I do love blogging and writing these posts, but I probably wouldn’t have continued this long without all of you. So thank you. So much.

3. I’ve begun paying attention to upcoming releases.

One day, maybe April or May of 2020, I heard of a book via goodreads. And it sounded like a very good book! I wanted to get it immediately. It wasn’t until a month or so later that I realized that book wouldn’t come out until September of that year. I honestly just had no idea about books that were going to be released but weren’t yet, it was very surprising to me that this book was already on goodreads! I didn’t pay attention to these kinds of releases until I made a blog and suddenly people were talking about books that they were looking forwards to, making lists of books that were going to be released in the upcoming year. I was able to learn about books before they were out in the world and see which ones I was looking forward to, and it just added a whole new layer of excitement (and also impatientness) to books!

4. I know how to do so many wordpress blog-type things

I am not tech savvy. Like, at all. I still don’t know how to do several elements in blogging and have begun losing faith that I ever will (I’m pretty sure I’ve been taught how to hide text in the little spoiler thing about 4 times and have never managed to do it in an actual post?). BUT I know a WHOLE lot more about using wordpress, as well as doing things like graphic design, now. Over my year of blogging I’ve slowly been changing what the graphics look like and how many I use (seriously, go back to my first post, you’ll definitely see. Actually, wait, don’t) and I think that they are much better than they were. Also, they actually exist. Much better than they were. WordPress itself is still much of a mystery, but eh. Some things are meant to remain mysterious (I’d really rather this one not being one of them, though).

5. I’ve learned so much! And I have a platform, myself.

Blogging, while amazing for learning about books and making friends, has also taught me a lot about so many important issues that aren’t taught other places and are so necessary to talk about! Plus, I myself have been able to talk about the things that I want more people to know about (other than books. And baseball. Pretty sure you guys don’t want to hear me talk about baseball all the time). In June I posted about why aro/ace spec characters are so important in books and it was just really nice to have a place to talk about things that I care about! I think that a platform for these kinds of things, helping to educate others on things that we don’t usually hear about in every day life, is really important and I’m so glad to be able to use it myself and to read about the things others are saying!

I am so, so thankful and happy for blogging and I can’t wait to see what’s more to come. Thank you all for your unending support and for giving me a place to talk about the things that I love. I honestly couldn’t have done this without you. I can’t wait to see what else the blogging community has to offer and what else I can give you all as well!
As always, stay safe, and keep on reading!!!


28 thoughts on “5 Reasons I’m So Grateful for Blogging

  1. Amazing post Phoenix!
    I agree about being able to read better books- I have started reading so many more diverse books, that I feel like I wasn’t a very good reader before I started blogging lol. My book collection as well as the books I’ve read- the quality of both has increased tremendously!
    And yes, the number of amazing people I have met via blogging- people from so many different countries, with such varied bookish tastes- it’s just unbelievable! I mean, I never thought I’d meet so many different people at such a young age in the comfort of my home.
    I also agree with the point of the new releases- Like before I used to have absolutely no idea about new releases, and no idea about so many amazing authors there, and the blogosphere has definitely helped me get out of my comfort zone and read many new authors!
    And the last point’s super true for me too, having a platform for myself where I can talk about just anything, it’s really cool!
    Once again, great post, and have a great day!

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    1. Thank you so much!
      Yeahhh, blogging has DEFINITELY helped with my reading diversity, I’ve been able to find lists with diverse books and it’s just helped me find out about different books with diversity as well. YES I feel like quality of books is something big as well. I had another blog before this one, and I reviewed books and stuff, but I wasn’t really in the blogging world. I wanted to get ARCs and stuff, though, so I would be on goodreads groups of indie published authors that would ask for reviews, but the quality of those books were not great (no offense to those authors, I know they put a lot of work into those books) and it just wasn’t super enjoyable to review them. Plus, the books I read otherwise weren’t diverse and were kinda boring, mainstream, etc. Blogging has introduced me to so much more!
      And yeah, meeting new people especially from other countries is definitely crazy, like I’m just sitting here talking to people who live on the other side of the world from me??? That’s ridiculous that anyone, really, is able to do it. Blogging has let us meet new people but if you think about it, NO ONE was able to do this just 30 years ago or so!
      Thank you so much for stopping by, I hope you have a great day too!

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    1. Haha well I’m glad I’m not the only one because it seems like such a cool thing and everyone knows it it feels like…I’m just not a tech person, and I’ve tried a few times–I think I even succeeded once, when practicing–but I’m always nervous to do it in posts unless I mess the whole thing up in some way.

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  2. Phoenix!! This was a lovely, thoughtful post, I resonated so much with what you said too! Truly having a blog gave me so much better recommendations rather than the Goodreads “others like this shelf” and I’m definitely more in tune with new releases too though everyone’s “looking forward to these new releases” posts does make my tbr too big haha! Lol agreed WordPress is a mystery, but you’re definitely doing well <33

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    1. Thank you so much! Haha right, before my blog for book recommendations, I was just going off of the little recommendations that goodreads gives on the bottom right corner of your home page, and most of those were really not at all fitting. Yeaaah my tbr gets giant and then I have to wait for such a long time for those books to actually come out which is very annoying and why can’t all the books just come out as soon as I hear about them.
      Thank you so much!!!

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  3. yess i totally agree about the whole better book thing, i mean, i used to get my reccomendations from goodreads. GOODREADS?????? like, ew. as for not being technological savvy, literally same. there are some things that look so cool (like the little blocky synopsis people have?? howwwww???) and i have no idea how to even start. but progress, so yay to that!! and of course, the people are the best!! i love this post and congrats on a little more than a year!!!

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    1. Haha righttttt? I mean, goodreads isn’t all bad, it is literally a book reviewing website so it does have a LOT of books, but still. The goodreads generated recommendations are just not good. Haha yeah exactly I can only aspire to have as nice looking posts as people who KNOW ALL THE THINGS but it’s true, learning more things is always good! The people are literally the most amazing thing about blogging. Thank you!!!


  4. I LOVE THIS POST SO, SO MUCH, Phoenix!!!
    I relate to all of these so much, especially what you said about upcoming releases, THAT WAS ME EXACTLY BEFORE I STARTED BLOGGING! And also all the WordPress things. I do not know where I was before this lockdown started and I learned how to actually make proper use of a computer. We still had computer classes and stuff before, but seriously, I hardly knew anything. But since the lockdown and especially since starting a blog, I’ve learnt so much! I am still clueless about loads of stuff (agh, I don’t know how to put the spoiler tag in posts either and I keep forgetting to look it up) but it’s been so much fun too! And yes, all the people I’ve met and the friends I’ve made are definitely the best thing ever! Great post, Phoenix!

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      Haha yah recs are sooo much better in blogging. And yeahhh I mean I definitely knew that blogs existed and how to use a computer and stuff but I almost solely used a computer for school or to access google docs (or often both). Yep pretty sure I’ve asked someone, looked it up, and also asked another person how to do spoiler tag but I still don’t remember. Ah well.
      Thank you again I’m so glad you enjoyed!

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  5. This post is everything!! Bloggers do not get enough credit and it feels good to have someone highlighting all the benefits from blogging! I love the sense of community and reading author interviews, fun posts, reviews and recommendations! When you find someone with similar reading taste, it’s always nice seeing what they recommend or what they have to say about a certain book. I also like seeing designs and how invested everyone is on their blogs without being as you said “a tech savvy”! 🥰

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    1. I’m so glad you think so! That is so true, we should get more credit! Yess the community is the BEST and the posts are so amazing! I love finding people with similar reading tastes as well! Thank you so much, I’m so glad you enjoyed!


  6. This is such an amazing post. Now that I have started blogging I’m more mindful while reading to keep track of what I like or dislike. It helps me write the reviews and even retain the story in my head for a long time. Plus I was able to discover such amazing bloggers as well!

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