October Wrap-Up/Wrap-Up Tag

Wow. Another month of this dumpster fire that some call 2020 gone. Despite the failure that this year has turned out to be, it’s going so fast! I’m already more than a month into school and there’s only two more months until 2021.

This month, I am hosting what I am going to call a wrap-up tag. You’ve…probably never heard of a wrap up tag before because I made it up! In fact, you hopefully have not heard of a wrap up tag before because I want to be *original*.

A wrap-up tag is really quite self explanatory but I feel inclined to tell you what it is, *just in case*. Here goes:
A Wrap-up tag is a book tag about the books you’ve read in the past month. This is the first wrap-up tag I’ve done and the first tag I’ve ever hosted, so please bear with me if it sounds a little….bonkers. Spoiler: I only know what I’m doing about 52%. Okaaaay, let’s get to this.

Each month I will ask a series of questions about the books that you’ve read this month and, like a book tag, you will answer them. Here are the general rules:
– Link back to me, the creator, Phoenix @Books With Wings
– Thank the person who tagged you
– Answer all questions
– Tag at least five people
– Enjoy (yes, this will be enforced………………joking)

I understand that, since this tag is slightly time sensitive, that you might not want loads and loads of questions and so I will keep it short, with slightly different questions each month. Three short questions. Now, let’s get to it with our October “spooky-season” wrap up tag!

The spookiest book you read this month

I…really don’t read many spooky books. Maybe once in a while, I’ll pick up a story because I actually do enjoy reading mystery and thriller, it’s just not much on my radar. This month, I would say that the spookiest book I read was “Vanished” by Sheela Chari. Vanished is a middle grade book about a girl who loses the instrument she plays, a veena, and must work through clues to get it back. Plus, there’s lots of potato chips. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a short and sweet mystery that is easy to read!

The most autumn-y book you read this month

I don’t usually associate books with seasons. For me, it just doesn’t seem…well, I can never see a specific season when I read a book, unless the book says something like, “There’s snow on the ground,” in which I associate it with, well, winter. However, for this challenge I will say that the book that felt the most like fall for me was “When We Were Magic” by Sarah Gailey. Now, this wasn’t fall, like, “curl up and read on the couch as the weather gets colder outside,” or anything like that. No, no, no, and if you read the very first paragraph of this you will see what I mean. It just seemed…more fall-like than the other. I feel like it took place in fall. Actually it might of. Wait it also might have been spring, I’m not sure.

The character that you would be most likely to dress up as for Halloween

Wow this is hard because of all the books I read in October….none of them seem very dress-up-able. For this challenge, I will say that I would be most likely to dress up as Nimona from the book “Nimona” by Noelle Stevenson. “Nimona” (the book) is actually a graphic novel that I read because my younger sister wanted to see it was something she would be able to read (because it’s classified as YA). But it was actually a pretty enjoyable book! Nimona was such a funny, ambitious character and though she was…a little too obsessed with killing, I still liked her. Not the killing part though. I’m not sure exactly how I’d dress up as her, because she’s a shape-shifter but….maybe I would be a shark. Or perhaps a cat or just…Nimona how she looks like in human form most times.

Okay, that’s it for the monthly wrap-up tag! I hope you enjoyed! Here are the people I tag:
Katie @ The Storybook Sisters
Sibella @ YA Book Reviews
Madeline @ The Bookish Mutant
Em @ Cats, Bibliophiles and Baguettes
Cherelle @ Cherelle the Bibliophile

Don’t want to do it? That’s alright, I understand that time is not always on people’s sides. Still, you will make me very sad 😭😭😭 Want to participate but weren’t tagged? That’s totally fine! Please join in on the fun!

The rest of my October wrap-up:

This month I read twelve books, almost all of which I didn’t post about on my blog! Here are the goodreads links to these books, or my blog post if I have one: (asterisk means middle grade novel)
Roll With It*
Eliza and Her Monsters
I’ll Give You the Sun (Book review found here)
When We Were Magic
Spy School British Invasion (Spy School #7)*
Tyrannosaurus Wrecks (Funjungle #6)*
Charlie Thorne and the Last Equation*
The Future Was Now (Review to come!)
The Sound of Stars (Book review found here)

My monthly wrap-up awards:
Best character: Jude from “I’ll Give You the Sun”
Worst character: Asa from “The Future Was Now”
Best villain: Blackheart from “Nimona”
Worst villain: Wow not many of the books I read have villains so I don’t know what to say for this one.
Best Plot: I’ll Give You the Sun
Worst Plot: The Future Was Now
Best world building: Skyward
Worst world building: The Future Was Now
Best romance: Noah and Brian from I’ll Give You The Sun
Worst romance: Asa and Eve from The Future Was Now
Best book overall: I’ll Give You the Sun
Worst book overall: The Future Was Now

And that’s my monthly wrap-up/wrap-up tag! Please, if you can, participate in the tag and I hope you enjoyed my wrap-up! If you want to borrow/use my wrap-up template (it’s a pretty simple template but…still) please leave a comment here and credit me in your post for the template.

Please, drop a like, leave a comment, tell me what you think! I am here to please you, dear reader, so don’t be afraid to tell me what you like or dislike! I’m always open to chat about this post or books in general or just…life. Don’t worry, I don’t bite! In fact I’d love to have a little human interaction sometimes! Thank you so much for reading my random and possibly awful posts–it means the world. Please come again to check out any new posts that I give out!
Thank you again,


14 thoughts on “October Wrap-Up/Wrap-Up Tag

    1. XD I mean it wasn’t my favorite? Maybe it’s just that I enjoy fantasy so much more than sci fi…but it still was a good book. So yeah it won something.


      1. XD, well I enjoyed calling Jorgen Jerkface the entire book… And thought that Doomslug was hilarious… The second book I feel like isn’t as good, but that’s because I don’t like aliens that much. and a few other reasons but I can’t list them because SPOILERS


      2. DOOMSLUG THE DESTROYER. Yes doomslug was brilliant. Didn’t do much for the plot though, but good comic relief. Hmm I dunno if I’ll read the second book, there are series’s where I just don’t feel like book two needs reading but…we’ll see.


      3. DOOMSLUG WAS THE BEST!!! XD Ooh… Uh… Umm… Well… Ya see… How do I put it… (CENSORED CONTENT!!! CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR SECOND BOOK!!!!!) Okay, well, Doomslug is more than comic relief. There all I can say, unfortunately… Because SPOILERS! Well, if you do read it, Doomslug is gonna (SPOILERS!!!) … Right… Forgot…


    2. PS sorry I didn’t tag you for the book tag, you can still definitely do it. I just didn’t want to tag an overwhelming amount of people because….then other people may not have people to tag? Also I say to tag at least five people…if you don’t know many people it’s okay, you don’t have to tag that many if you don’t want to.


      1. Hehe, that’s fine! I have absolutely no idea what a book tag is, or how to do I one, so it’s probably best you didn’t tag me. 😅


      2. Well I can explain if you want! It’s pretty simple, just answer the questions and tag a few more people…not much to it.


    1. Okay, that’s fine, I hope that your plate lightens up (that sounds sorta weird to say, lol). I know, it’s a really good book! I shipped blackheart and goldenloin so much throughout the whole book, I’m sad they never got together at the end lol. I think the author wanted them to, though….
      Lol, I’d never shave my head….but I could be a shark! And go around saying, “I’m a shark!” No one would get it though, ha ha

      Liked by 1 person

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