Short Stories

Please note: All work is my own, do not steal or copy any part of my work. All characters are figments of my imagination unless otherwise stated.

Want to request that I write a short story with a plot that you’ve created? Send me a message at the ‘contact me’ page of my blog with the plot or characteristics you want in the story and I’ll do my best! In return: please recommend my blog to at least three people and, if you have a blog, share the story on your blog, citing me. Thanks everyone!

A Few Updates

Hello dear humans, mermaids, dragons, vampires and other creatures that I won’t take the time to mention (only because there’s so many creatures out there that it would take forever, not because I love you less. If you’re reading this, you’re the best). This will be a short post…and one you may not be very… More

Even After Death

This is the first short story that I will post on my blog! Now, because it is the halloween season I figured I’d go a little ghosty, dark, mysterious…not that it’s very spooky or anything. Anyways, this is going to be the first part of a short story….no, I haven’t written the other parts so… More

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