Blogs I suggest

Okay okay okay. This page has not been updated in a VERY long time. Since then I’ve been doing blog hops, I’ve been meeting new people and discovering some AMAZING new blogs. So please check these out!

Act Your Page

This is the blog of two of my friends. They write very long, interesting and informative posts, mostly about contemporary books but you can tell that they care for what they put up and always want to give their readers the best.

Whispering pages

Please check out Whispering Pages, a blog created by my good friend Katie! She writes the most amazing posts and the aesthetic on her blog is just beautiful. She was the one who got me into blogging and the reason my blog looks the way it does today so head on over and check it out!

Booked Till Midnight

April Lee at Booked Till Midnight writes the most fascinating book reviews that I always love to read! Her blog is beautiful and she’s just an amazing person in general so please check her blog out!

The Scribe Owl

Alex at the Scribe Owl posts multiple times each weeks and all of her posts are fun and interesting! She writes many book reviews that you can add to your tbr and her blog is beautiful as well!