The Pondathon II: I’m Participating in a Year-Long Readathon!

Hey everyone! Today I’m here to talk about a readathon that I am participating in. This is a year-long readathon, and it’s run by The Quiet Pond. It’s a super interesting and creative readathon so I wanted to talk about it a little, and maybe convince a few of you to join!

So what is the readathon?

Pondathon II is a sequel to Pondathon I, which was our very first readathon where everyone worked together to protect the Pond from a wicked evil. Pondathon II takes place after Pondathon I – and the Pond friends have recruited you to help them heal the forest after the devastating battle.

The Quiet Pond

I did not actually participate in Pondathon I, but good news: you don’t have to! In the first Pondathon, participants were working to fight off monsters that were attacking the forest that The Quiet Pond is set in. So now, in this one, we’re working to heal the forest because of all the destruction caused in the battle!

In this readathon, read books to collect plants and decorations for your very own digital garden at the Pond.

The Quiet Pond

You get a little square of land in The Pondathon II, like shown to the right. The more books you read, the more flowers and other such things you gain as a reward in order to fill your little piece of land and grow a beautiful garden!

How does it work?

First, you have to read a book. I figure this is rather self explanatory since it’s a readathon, but it is a very important first step, so I have to put it here.
After you read the book, fill out a google form saying that you read the book, etc. Once the form is filled out, someone from The Quiet Pond will send a reward to the email that you have given them in the google form. You can then insert the reward into your garden! Pretty simple, right?

Do you want to sign up for the Pondathon? YES, I really hope you join me in this awesome adventure! You can find the sign-up post right here. In the sign up post, you’ll need to officially sign up, and then you create a character that will represent you throughout The Quiet Pond! CW and the rest of The Quiet Pond has put a huge amount of thought into this, providing different character elements that you can then put together in an image-editing app (The Quiet Pond suggests Pixlr, which I used – Canva might work as well, and I used it for part of the set-up process). After you finish creating your character, you’ll put it on a character card with some info about both the character and yourself. Here’s what mine ended up looking like!

When does the Pondathon II start? Well, it actually starts today, January 10th, but fortunately for you, you can sign up anytime! Because the Pondathon II is totally self paced and a pretty relaxing readathon, signing up late is totally okay, and you can sign up anything throughout the year!

Want to learn more? There’s a lot that goes into the Pondathon, and unfortunately I did not cover a great deal of it in this post. However, fortunately for all of us, The Quiet Pond has put together quite a few posts for you to learn everything that you need to about this readathon! Along with the sign up sheet, which is linked above, here’s a few more resources you can find on The Quiet Pond.

We’re supposed to post a TBR for the Pondathon II – however, we all know how awful I am at sticking to TBRs. Given that the Pondathon II is a year-long readathon, and I’ve already discussed what some books that I’m looking forwards to reading this year are in my Welcome 2022 post, I’m just going to link to that. However, if you have any book recs that you think I should read for this readathon, feel free to let me know in the comments!

Last but most certainly not least, I just wanted to appreciate CW and the Rest of the Quiet Pond for creating all this and taking so much time to make the Pondathon II as awesome as possible. Through all the artwork that this must have taken, all the planning and set up, I honestly cannot imagine what a huge project this is, and for you to undertake this for our fun really deserves a huge THANK YOU.

What do you think of the Pondathon II? Are you looking to participate? Do you have any book suggestions for me to read for the Pondathon II?


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