It’s my Blogiversary!!!

You all probably read the title, but I’m just going to say it again:

One year ago today, I launched my blog. I wrote my first post (which was extremely cringey but isn’t that true for everyone?). I have been writing on this blog for an entire year, posting my thoughts, my favorites, the books I didn’t like so much, discussion posts, so much more! And I am so grateful for it.


First of all, I wanted to thank some amazing bloggers who have helped introduce me to the blogging community, who are wonderful people and who I’ve gotten to know over the year!

The first person I need to thank is, of course, Katie @Whispering Pages. Katie has helped me so, so much with my blog. A year ago, I was actually pretty unsure about creating a blog because I had formerly had one with two of my friends, but I wanted to make my own. Katie was the person who encouraged me to go out there and start one, so I am forever grateful for her! And, of course, her blogging content is AMAZING so please go check out her blog and give her some serious love! (Also I miss you please post again I miss your posts!)

Next, I’m thanking April @Booked Till Midnight. I’ve gotten to know April super well in the past year and she is just the best person! I love all our conversations, from the ones in the comments to ones over emails, the ones that are absolutely out there and the ones that we intended to be serious blogging-business, but dissolved into just talking about whatever we wanted!

Cherelle @A Bolt Out of the Book is basically the sweetest book blogger around. She’s always eager to give tips to bloggers and help out however she can, and her blog is just fabulous!

Ahaana @Windows to Worlds has amazing posts and her blog is beautiful! She is a wonderful person who is super fun to talk to! It is always a delight to see her comments on my blog because she is always so cheery and excited!

Madeline @The Bookish Mutant. Madeline was one of the first bloggers I found on wordpress and one of the first blogs that I followed and so I really think that her blog, and her following me (she was one of my first followers I believe!) was what really got me into the blogging community!

Now, I’m aware that I only shouted out five people and I’m aware that there are so many more people out there whose blogs I love and who I love talking to! Here are some other people who have helped me so much on my blogging journey, whose posts I’ve loved, whose comments are amazing, and who I am so grateful to have met!

Saniya @Sunnyside Reviews for following my blog pretty early on and commenting on all my posts / Riddhi @Whispering Pages for noticing me when I was just a newbie blogger and you were, like, super versed with the blogging world (okay I don’t know how true this is but it sure seemed that way when I was new) / Rania @Rania’s Rambling Reads for talking on and on and ON about Julie and the Phantoms in the comments of my posts! I’m still here if you ever want to discuss more theories! / Ritz @Living Loving Reading For having amazing posts and awesome comments! / Susana @Susana Loves Books for agreeing with me about She Drives Me Crazy even though everyone else thinks that it’s a great book (haha!) / Ashmita @The Fictional Journal for being just the happiest person with the brightest comments that make my day! / Lilly @Lilly’s Little Library for being my goodreads friend even before my blog existed! / Maria @The Character Study for having super awesome posts! (also you should get a trophy for your posts actually being good when you first started your blog–most everyone’s are really cringey!)/ May @Forever and Everly for just being an inspiration to bloggers everywhere! I’m always so excited when I see your posts in my reader.

If I forgot to mention you, that is absolutely my fault and I am so sorry–I’m terrible at remembering things like this! Know that you mean just as much as everyone else listed here to me.

Blog Statistics:

I am going to include my blog statistics here for my own knowledge, so I can track how my blog grows over the years. This is not in any way me bragging, it is for myself!

Follows: 273 (258 wordpress, 15 email followers)
Posts: 63
Views: 6,976
Visitors: 2,399
Likes: 1,654
Comments: 1,376

Some of my favorite posts:

Over my first year of blogging, I wrote 63 posts. Some of them were terrible (aka, the first few months and all my book reviews until about 3 months ago). Some of them, I loved. Let’s look at a few of my favorite posts.

Please note: I selected these posts that I enjoyed based on content only. Some of the posts, from closer to the beginning of blogging, have some weird font colors or different graphics than I now use.

  • The Future was Now, By JR Harber (Book Rant). This review remains the only book rant I have written on my blog to this day. I wrote it a while ago, as you can probably tell by the difference of the featured image, but I still really enjoyed reading most of it when I went back to look for my favorite posts, and think it really shows my dislike of the book. It was super fun to write, when I just filtered all my annoyance from this book into a review.
  • The 2020 Book Tag (Original Tag). This is the first and only tag I have ever created, but let me tell you, I’m very proud of it. The prompts follow some of the events of 2020, which we all know was an absolutely bonkers year, and overall it was just a very fun tag. Contrary to what it seems like most people believed, this tag is not one that you have to do within the end of 2020–the prompts just follow 2020! So, despite the fact that it’s nearly September of 2021, you can absolutely still do this tag (if you aren’t terrified of looking back at 2020).
  • Thoughts on Teens in YA (discussion). This was my second discussion post, I believe (and the first was amazing, too! It was a collab between myself and April @Booked Till Midnight on Retellings!) and it was a very interesting one, in my opinion. I looked at what makes a good teenage protagonist and what some YA writers don’t do well when writing their protagonists. Being a teen is a very interesting part of life and some (adult) authors who write YA don’t always portray teens as the age they actually are!
  • Why Aro/Ace spec characters are so important in books (discussion). This is probably my top favorite post. I wrote this one back in June, for pride month, and it is such an important post, for me. It discusses why characters who are on the aromantic and asexual spectrum are so important to include in books, as well as providing definitions for a few (of many) sexualities that are on the aromantic and asexual spectrum. Please please please check it out if you haven’t already! (I swear this is the only post of mine that I will literally beg you to check out, but this one was very personal to me and I think it will be very educational to a lot of other people, so it would mean so much for you to read it!)
  • People you See at Bookstores (I have no idea what category this goes in). This one was 100% the most fun post that I have written on my blog! I studied the many different types of bookstore-goers there are–that is, how different people have different ways of studying bookstores. It’s a totally light and fun post that I hope you get a LOT of enjoyment out of, because I sure did when writing it!
  • Sports in Books (discussion). This was the first post in a collection of two of them, and the other one was also fun, but this one was definitely my favorite (find the other post, a list of books with sports, here)! I discussed why sports aren’t in books as often as it seems like they should be, given the impact in sports around the world, and why it’s important for sports books to be diverse.

It seems like a lot of people have a feedback form in their blogiversaries, but I’ve decided not to do that because I’m lazy and I’m rushing to write this. However, I’d absolutely love to hear what you think of my blog, the good, the bad, etc. in the comments section! I am aware that this does not give an option to answer anonymously (unless you make another wordpress account and respond in the comments with that one–but that seems like a lot of work. If you really want to, though!) and I may in future posts put a feedback form up for this purpose. Thank you for all your feedback if you participated!

I just realized how short this post was! I’m planning on doing another post about what blogging taught me in a week or so (depending on when I can write it) so hopefully that’s a bit of a blogiversary-celebration. Until then, this is going to be all!

When’s your blogiversary? Do you have any feedback for me? And what do you think of my favorite posts? Thank you all so much for following me, and being with me on this journey and supporting me through it all! I literally couldn’t have done it without you and I love you all so much!

54 thoughts on “It’s my Blogiversary!!!

    1. Thank you so much! Haha, thank you, yes I just included the stats there so that I could see how my blog grows when I do my blogiversary next year and the years after, but that means a lot! Oh thank you so much, it was a lot of fun to create and I’m so glad that you enjoyed it!

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  1. Happy blogiversary, Phoenix! I’m really touched you had such nice words for me (although we’ll have to see if I cringe reading back to my first posts when I revisit them in a year 😂). Finding your goodreads group is what really opened up this amazing bookish blog community for me, so I’m grateful for that!
    In terms of feedback, I just want to say that although I really enjoy all your posts, your discussion ones are definitely my favourites. You always manage to talk about really interesting topics in an engaging way, so it’s a joy to read.
    Beautiful post, and here’s to many more years of blogging! 🎉

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    1. Thank you so much! Haha, I mean if you go back and read my post…let’s just say it’s really bad. But yours was good! You probably will improve as you blog more, but I think that all your posts are very well written already! Oh, I’m so glad to hear that, that was one of the goals of the group so I’m happy to hear that it succeeded in that regard for at least one person!
      Aw, thank you so much! Yes, I love discussion posts, they’re always my favorite to write, as well! Unfortunately, the expense of talking about really interesting topics is that I am unable to do them that often, because I usually try to write discussion posts on topics that not many others write about (though the blogosphere is so big that there’s obviously other posts about the same thing somewhere out there) and it’s hard to think of those very often! Usually, it’s just a splash of inspiration when I’m doing something else, but I do hope that I’ll be able to write more discussion posts in the future, and I’m so happy that you like them!
      Thank you so much, and you too!

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      1. Thank you again! I agree with you, discussion posts are also my favourite to write, but coming up with topics has to come naturally. They’re also the most time-consuming (for me at least) because I want to make sure I’m getting my message across. Can’t wait to read more from you, Phoenix!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah, it’s definitely hard to come up with ideas, but totally worth it! Oh that’s true, but honestly for me, discussion posts just come out in one giant stream of thought, I just get in a mood to write about the topic and just write whatever I have to say really fast. Thank you!

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    1. Thank you! Haha, well time really does fly, it’s easy to forget! Happy blogiversary to you, whenever yours was! Honestly, I thought that people got a notification from wordpress when it was their blogiversary but I haven’t gotten mine yet, so I’m like ‘is it really my blogiversary???’ but scrolling back, the first post I ever published was August 31, 2020, so I guess it is.


  2. Yay wishing you a very happy blogiversary Phoenix!! I love reading your content and you totally deserve those amazing stats and all the support you get from fellow bloggers 🥰
    Here’s to many more years of blogging!!

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  3. OHMAGOD OHMAGOD PHOENIX!!! ONE YEAR!! IM SO FREAKING PROUD!! I’ve had so much fun discussing crazy theories with you (I recently went on a whole JATP song binge) and I’m looking forward to more of those! hopefully when the new season comes out hahaha!! you have an amazing blog and I can’t wait to see how far you go!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aaaaah Thank you!!!! I know I can’t believe it, it’s been so long!!!! Haha there are so many JATP theories and they really are so fun to listen to. I listen to the songs sooo much, and I have this whole playlist that’s literally just Hamilton, les mis, Six (it’s a musical but not many people know of it) and JATP. I’m listening to it right now haha (finally free just finished) and I basically listen to it all the time. Yeahhhh I can’t wait for the new season!!! But it still hasn’t been approved on Netflix 😢 so September is absolutely not looking good for release date. Probably sometime in 2022 😭😭

      Liked by 1 person

      1. it really has HAHAHA yes definitely and some of them are so crazy i lover listening to them!! i just started listening to the songs again and it reminds me of why i fell in love with the show in the first place!! ooh not heard of Six, i’ll definitely check that out!! ahhhh i wish netflix would just announce it already!! yeah i’m thinking like mid or late 2022? let’s just perish together till then lmao

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Yesss. Ah yeah there was definitely a period where I stopped listening to the songs but no school=a lot more time to listen to stuff. Yah six is a pretty interesting musical, honestly the summary is absolutely crazy and sounds ridiculous but it’s really good once you listen to it (if you’re into musicals and stuff). Yeah probably. We should just go into hibernation until it comes out. Hopefully the second season is already written/the actors are already practicing it so that when (if, but I’m being optimistic here) it gets renewed they can just start filming it immediately but it’ll still probably take a while.

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      3. same here!! school got so stressful and that’s part of the reason i haven’t put out a post in almost a month oops. i don’t watch a lot of musicals but i really want to get into more because I’ve enjoyed the ones I’ve watched. hahahahaha yes we should. omg i really hope that’s happening i don’t know what i would do if netflix didn’t announce the second season 😭

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      4. Yeah, school is quite something at times. I hope you’re able to post soon, but no pressure! Yeah, I actually don’t know a lot of musicals, like there are a LOT out there but I mostly stick to just a few. I don’t even know if Six is a Broadway musical, but it’s still super fun. It BETTER happen, yeah same like what would I do without knowing what happened to Julie’s Mom, and Nick, and how the boys got their stamp things off and what’s gonna happen with Alex and Willie, and with Luke and Julie and Julie’s brother finding out and I want to hear new songs and AHH

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  4. Happy blogiversary Phoenix! And oh, I am definitely not well-versed in the art of blogging, but I am so glad I found your blog! I love your posts, really! And your aesthetic too, honestly!
    Congrats on all those amazing blog stats, and here’s to many more years of blogging, more followers, and more awesome memories on the blogosphere!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha well when I was just starting and you already had so many followers and were just posting a lot and so many interesting things, it really seemed like it! Plus, I bet you are more well versed in blogging than you think you are—you certainly know a lot! Aww Thank you that means a lot.
      Thank you so much!!! You too!!! I can’t wait to keep reading your posts!


  5. Happy blogiversary, Phoenix! 🥳🎉🥳 I can’t believe I missed your 2020 Book Tag up until now – those questions are super creative, and if I ever finish with the millions of other tags currently wasting away in my drafts folder, I might have to try it, just to process the trauma of last year 🤣 But I think your blog is very creative, so my feedback would be to just keep doing what you’re doing! Here’s to another amazing year of blogging!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! Haha yes my 2020 book tag was super fun to create and honestly I’m pretty proud of the questions if I may say so myself. I can’t wait to see your answers if you do finally get to it! It kind of died out after 2020 actually finished so it’s not that surprising that you didn’t see it—it just didnt get around much. I wasn’t planning on doing one for 2021 because I thought that things would be less crazy, but honestly I’m thinking of doing one now.
      Thank you that means so much!!!! You too!!!

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  6. Ahh phoenix congratulations!!! One year is a long time and haha. I still haven’t gathered the courage to post any of my poems, so kudos to you. 💜 Those are some Glowing stats and here’s to many more ✨🍻 thankx for mentioning me ❤️ I am glad my comments brighten up your day 😄

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  7. OMG PHOENIX I’M LATE BUT THAT IS SO AWESOME CONGRATS!! 🥳 seeing your stats, your blog has definitely grown so much and you deserve all the love! haha same my first month of blog posts make me cringe so much now – I archived them, I don’t think you could be as bad as me 😂 but if you insist, then you have truly come a long way, one of my favourite posts of yours was your discussion teens in YA as well!! thank YOU for being such a lovely blogger friend, I’m honoured by the shoutout, cheers to another wonderful year of Books with Wings! 🥰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AAAH THANK YOU!!! Aww thank you that means so much. Haha, yeah I’ve just left my posts from the first month up because whatever. What does archiving do, does it save the posts but unpublish them? I think that everyone believes THEIRS was the worst, yours probably wasn’t as bad as you thought! Ah, I’m glad you enjoyed my teens in YA discussion, it was the first discussion that I felt like was super original and that I was really getting into the topic (though I of course loved writing my first discussion, on retellings, with April). Of COURSE you get a shoutout, you’re like the kindest blogger and the best blogger towards newbie bloggers out there! Thank you so much Cherelle!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha, honestly that wasn’t really my intention to give anyone serious thoughts, I was kind of just writing but I’m glad I did! (I think…were they good thoughts? Was it good to have those thoughts?) Ah, alright, yeah I’ll probably just leave my posts published because whatever, but that’s good to know in case I ever want to do that!

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  8. OH MY GOD I AM SO LATE BY HAPPY BLOG-O-VERSERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO GLAD YOU HAVE HAD SUCH SUCCESS WITH YOUR BLOG AND I’M SO PROUD TO CALL YOU MY FRIEND!! heh… serious blogging business always disolves into chaos… but it’s still always a blast!! here is to another great year of blogging Phoenix <33

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  9. Congratulations on your one year blogiversary, Phoenix!! (I am sorry I’m so late. School, you know?) congratulations on such amazing stats, and you deserve a lot more! I love your blog design so much, and your monthly wrap ups are so UNIQUE AND AMAZING and I love them! Haha, I know, looking back at the first few months of blogging is honestly so embarrassing, it led me to un-publish most of the content on my blog. Your discussion posts on teens in ya and people you see at bookstores are my favorites! Here’s to another great year (and many more ahead) for your blog!!!! Congratulations once again and good luck for the future!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much! (and no problem, I totally know! I just started yesterday and I’ve been ridiculously swamped!) Aww thank you, that means a lot! THANK YOU SO MUCH you have literally no idea what those words mean to me, I’m so glad you like my blog this much! Ha, yeah, I know a lot of people have done that, but I’ve decided to leave my old posts up just to look back and see how I’ve improved. Plus, the actual content isn’t actually bad, it’s just the formatting and how it was written. But I want to leave the content up. Aww I’m so glad that you enjoyed, haha the people you see at bookstores was literally the most fun thing I’ve written, I wrote it totally spontaneously and it ended up being so fun! You too, and thank you so much again, this whole comment made my day!

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