The Last Ten Books Tag

Okay, I have a LOT of tags to do. I mean, I think we all do. But I have a LOT. This year, I’ve been doing one tag a month, but it looks like that’s going to be too few. I’m going to try to do two tags this month but honestly, who knows if that’ll happen.
It’s not often that I do a tag that I wasn’t tagged for but I saw this tag on Never Not Reading and it just looked so interesting and I had to try it out! Let’s get right into it!

The Last Book I Gave Up On

It’s not often that I DNF a book and I believe that the last book I gave up on was War Girls, back in December. It was nothing against the book, I swear, I was just in a big reading slump and was definitely not in the mood to pick up sci fi. I’m going to have to pick it up again eventually but it’s definitely not near the top of my list of books to read soon.

Last Book I Re-read

Oh, wow, I do not reread books very often. I’m a little annoyed about this but the last book I reread was one that I had to read for school, because we were writing an essay on it and I wanted to refresh my memory. So, the last book I reread was, unfortunately, 1984 by George Orwell. I didn’t enjoy it the first time and I didn’t like it the second, either.

Last Book I Bought

Well this one is gonna have to be Rule of Wolves by Leigh Bardugo. I finished King of Scars around the middle of last month and immediately pre-ordered Rule of Wolves from the bookstore (and I got it three days before it was published which was a very nice surprise).

Last Book I Said I Read But Didn’t

This is not something I do often, if ever. There may have been a time during which I thought I read a book a while ago and so I said I read it, even though I didn’t, but I cannot think of anytime that that has happened at the moment and if it did, it probably happened a long time ago.

Last Book I Wrote in the Margins of

Nope! I don’t think that I have ever done this because I am too terrified of getting WORDS on the book (words that are not part of the book, I mean). It’s just…the pages look so nice, and pristine…how in the world could I RUIN it like that???

Last Book I Had Signed

Well, the last book I got that was signed was The Gilded Ones by Namina Forna because I got it in an Owlcrate box. So I have several books that I got signed because of Owlcrate. However, the only book that I have personally signed is All the Stars and Teeth by Adalyn Grace–I read it basically a year ago now (for some reason the date April 12 sticks out in my head when I think of AST…maybe that’s when I read it, maybe my brain is just weird…I definitely read it in April, though) and I really enjoyed it so I went and emailed the author, telling her that I was sad I couldn’t reread it because I’d gotten it from the library. And shockingly enough, I got a response in which she told me she could send me a copy of the book!!! Directly from the author!!! To me!!! When it arrived, it was personally signed with a message to me and this is probably my biggest book-related accomplishment ever.

The Last Book I Lost

Uuuuuuh I honestly cannot remember the last book I lost. The only thing that I can think of–you know when you lend a book to a friend and then they just…never give it back? Yeah, so I believe one of my friends who I literally never talk to anymore has Absolutely Truly, by Heather Vogel Fredrick, a middle grade mystery, and one of my friends has Ella Minnow Pea, which I lent to her because it’s a really strange book and she wanted to read it because I told her that. Lastly, one of my friends has To Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Christo which she borrowed right before quarantine happened so I haven’t had a chance to get that one back. I have no idea if I’m ever going to get these books back, I might like to get Absolutely Truly back one day just because I own the second one and it’s sorta annoying to have the second but not the first and I’d like TKK back because it was a good book. I don’t really care about Ella Minnow Pea though.

Last Book I Had to Replace

I’m honestly not sure that I’ve ever had to replace a book. I don’t really care if my books get beat up as long as they’re still readable. Even the fourth Harry Potter book that has like four pages fallen out of it, we just keep the pages with the book and then if we ever read the book we just read those four pages when we come to the part where they fell out. (we haven’t read it in a while though, because of, you know, JKR)(‘We’ refers to my sister and me in case anyone’s wondering)

Last Book I Argued Over

Well, I’m not entirely sure if this was an argument or just a discussion but basically I had a friend who read and enjoyed One of Us is Lying by Karen M McManus and at one point a few weeks ago I just pointed out the problematic aspects to her just to make her aware of them (I have also read One of Us is Lying and overall I did enjoy it, though now I have been made more aware of the parts of it that are extremely problematic). We just had a discussion of whether it was okay to still enjoy the book, despite that, and why it was so problematic and things like that.

Last Book I Couldn’t Find

I’m assuming this means like couldn’t find in a library/bookstore given that there already was a ‘last book you lost’ question and I think…well, a while ago I believe I was trying to find an ebook copy of The Catcher in the Rye and my library…doesn’t have an ebook copy of that??? I was extremely surprised about that, given that it’s a classic.

Well, that ends the tag! I’ll tag:

I hope you enjoyed this tag, as it was super fun to do! Please, if you find this tag interesting, go ahead and try it, no need to be tagged! Thank you so much for stopping by and reading this, it means the world! As always, stay safe and keep on reading!


30 thoughts on “The Last Ten Books Tag

  1. Great tag! Ahh that’s so weird that none of the libraries had Catcher in the Rye – it’s a classic and they read it a lot in schools, no? I read it freshman year for honors English and I loved it, so I hope you’re able to find it and read it eventually 🙂

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    1. Yeah, it really is a classic. They had the physical book and everything, just…not the ebook? I was very confused. Yep, they read it in schools and I guess it’s a different year for different schools/school systems, I’ve heard variation from different people. That’s why I’m reading it right now, I just have to read the PDF my english teacher provides me which is fine, I just dislike reading on the computer. So far it’s…okay, I mean it’s not the worst thing I’ve read so far in english, it’s an interesting plot, but there are some parts that are, you know, classic 1940’s or so language that isn’t acceptable today. Plus I swear he says ‘goddam’ every single sentence and says ‘depressing’ a whole lot too oh my gosh.

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      1. Yeah, it’s just…I read to get away from screens (As well as other things obviously) so I don’t like to read ON screens.
        Yeah, he’s just very passive and stuff like that. I’m still enjoying it I just don’t like some of the things he says. It’s going faster than some of the other things we have to read so that’s good.

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  2. You getting Adalyn Grace’s signed copy is every Bookworm’s dream I swear…wow. I loved reading your answers! I couldn’t finish the Catcher in the Rye too. I just didn’t like the writing style.

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    1. Haha yeah I was SUPER lucky…I’m pretty sure that she stopped replying to fan emails a few months after I emailed her, too, so I guess I also got perfect timing…ack yeah, Catcher in the Rye is a classic everyone has to read in english class sometime in middle/high school and it’s reaaaaally annoying…I just wish I could find an ebook because I hate reading it on the pdf. Holden says ‘goddam’ and ‘depressing’ like every sentence, I swear. It’s really annoying.

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  3. Lovely post Phoenix! I am so jealous that you even got a book signed because honestly, I really want one of my favourite authors to sign a book for me . . .

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    1. Thank you, I’m so glad that you enjoyed it! Yeah, I really lucked out there, I wasn’t looking to get any answer or anything. She didn’t even send the book till a few months after, I thought she’d just forgotten haha. Thanks for stopping by!


  4. Phoenix!! That’s one great accomplishment! I must admit that the writer is really sweet and kind to do that for you! Congratulations! 🎉 And oh no!! I am so sad that u dnfed war girls. Hope you pick that up soon! And I love annotating my books although I get why u don’t. I used to be terrified as well.

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    1. Yeah honestly I still cannot entirely believe that it ever happened haha. I wasn’t expecting it at all! Yeah, I was in a huge reading slump and just could not read it at the moment. Maybe I will pick it up again one day, we’ll see. Haha yeahhhhh I definitely could never do that, annotating books…the beautiful writing! How dare you write over it! Haha


    1. Yeah, I enjoyed it too. Oh, I didn’t realize the second book was problematic. I read it before I was very aware of a lot of problematic aspects in books, including in book one, what part was problematic (my brain is the size of a pea and cannot retain anything book-related for more than two weeks so I barely remember what happened in One of Us is Next)

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      1. I enjoyed the book, but there was just so much going on all at the same time, too many characters being introduced etc. I didn’t like the ending at all. The last sentence really changed me perception on the whole book and ruined the experience 🤷🏻‍♀️
        I like there to be clear endings, especially if there’s not going to be a sequel, i dont like it being left to the reader’s imagination

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      2. Ah, yeah, I guess that’s true. I was more thinking problematic in the way that the author portrayed depression in suicide in book one, I don’t find that to be much of a problem. Aah, yeah I hate super unclear endings and stuff like that.

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  5. Rereading a book that you do not like *and* because of school sounds like a very not fun experience 😆
    I totally get what you said about not writing in margins, I don’t do it either bc of the same reason 😅
    I enjoyed One of Us is Lying when I read it a few years ago but since then I’ve seen some people bring up its problematic aspects and that made me think that I might not have liked it that much if I read it now.
    Great tag, Phoenix! Thanks for tagging me! 😊

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    1. No, no it is not a fun experience. 1984 is just…ugh. But because of this super long essay I have to write, I’ve had to analyze it over and over again.
      Exactly I could never hurt a book.
      Yeah, same! My friends are always like ‘don’t be influenced by other opinions’ haha but I think that seeing some less good opinions on a book you enjoy is good because you can see both sides. I’ll rate a book lower if I enjoy it but then in reading a review I’m shown of a more problematic side of the book.
      No problem, I hope that you enjoy doing it!

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    1. Thank you, I’m so glad that you enjoyed this! Haha I was NOT expecting it at all! Yeah, no ink on my book that wasn’t there already.

      No, no, don’t apologize! I love doing new tags and I’m so glad that you tagged me! I’ll do it as soon as I can (which, at this point, means approximately like 7 months, sorry…)

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  6. ooh, sorry you weren’t in the mood for war girls! i feel the same way about sci-fi, i think i just don’t pick it up enough often that i have to really be in the mood for it in order to read it. and it’s so cool that you had all the stars and teeth personally signed to you! it’s still sitting on my shelves waiting to be read so hopefully i can get around to it 😭 great post!!

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    1. Yeah, sci fi has kinda been on the way out for me, I used to enjoy it, but now it’s just…too machine-y and politic-y for me. I’d rather read about magic (or even magic politics)(heck even machines in magic worlds as shown by King of Scars) or just the regular world. Haha thank you, it was a big surprise! Definitely my best bookish achievement. Ooh, I hope that you read it soon! I really enjoyed it when I read it, however since then I’ve read far more interesting books and have realized that it’s just sorta…a generic fantasy book but it’s still fun and will always hold a special place in my heart for that first read! Thank you so much!

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