A Few Updates

Hello dear humans, mermaids, dragons, vampires and other creatures that I won’t take the time to mention (only because there’s so many creatures out there that it would take forever, not because I love you less. If you’re reading this, you’re the best). This will be a short post…and one you may not be very happy about. But here we go!

Some of you may have read the first part of the short story that I posted on my new ‘short stories’ page. Now, I know I asked you to follow my blog if you read that but that is no longer the case–you can read it even if you haven’t followed!

I know what you’re thinking: “There’s gotta be a catch, there’s gotta be a catch, theresgottabeacatch.” Weeeell….unfortunately for you, there is, indeed, a catch. For you to get the next part of the short story I’m asking for all of you, my loyal readers, to get me ten more followers. That’s right, get my followers up to thirty (I know, it’s sad that I only have twenty right now–you’re welcome to get me more if you want? 😃) and then you will get post number 2 of the short story. And this job is all up to you. I would help–I really would. However, I have found that my attempts to raise my followers has been wildly unsuccessful–thus, the only twenty followers thing.

Please also note that I have yet to write this part of the short story so if it takes a little longer after I get these ten more followers you now know why.

One more thing; watch for an amazing new feature on my blog–book giveaways! Coming soon!


6 thoughts on “A Few Updates

  1. I would try to get you more followers, but I have 1 follower and she is you so I know nothing about getting more followers. I am sorry. 😦


    1. Yeah I understand…I may change this as it is, it’s a little mean to be doing this. I guess I’m just desperate, ha ha. We’ll see how it goes…


      1. Hmm… Well, I can be SUPA DUPA ENERGETIC ABOUT HOW AWESOME YOUR BLOG IS IT YOU WANT!!! (XD) Or… I could join the blog group you made and do my best to promote yours on there? Hmm… I could post a shout out on my Goodreads account? I think I have a few followers, and a few friends that would see that. So they might check out your blog… and if it gets liked them it’ll show up on there accounts as well… Uh… Hmm… I could… Well, uhh… I’m out of ideas. :(((


      2. No, no, it’s okay Sunny. You don’t have to do any of this, I’ll probably end up taking this down anyways. It’s sorta mean.


    1. Lol yeah it was kinda mean of me and I may change it? Just because like now that I think about it I’m not sure how people could do it…
      Hmm, that might be true. I may have to add that.


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